Thursday, 20 November 2014

Moody November

What I wore
River Island cardigan

It seems like time ago since I last posted. The reason for my vanishing act is because it's so dam cold right now.. I wish I was somewhere exotic sipping a cool drink, I can't believe summer has only just started in Australia - they have all the luck! Today's outfit of the day is dark & moody, as winter makes me like this. I'm literally dreaming of spring/summer already.. 

Who else dresses moody for this time of the year? x 

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Casual Saturday Look

Shoes from Hidden Fashion
Skort from eBay
Bag from Misha Barton
Jumper from Forever 21

Today's look is a little lazy, it's all black and comfy. I got some new black boots and they were only £5! They are a great fit and so comfy, I love canvas style boots, they're easy to clean and look good. I love the fact that these only have a little heel which means they give me extra height but don't cripple me. Well worth the money x
To give my outfit a bit of life I wore my printed skorts that I took on Holiday with me - they're so seasonal, I just love the boldness to them. 

Sunday, 9 November 2014

A cool way to style up your scarf

What I wore:
Shoes from Public Desire
Leggings from TopShop - Get Similar
Scarf - Get Similar 
Belt from H&M 
Coat from Hidden Fashion
Stripe jumper from H&M 

I adore reading other blogs, especially personal ones and fashion related ones. BlogLovin' is an amazing platform to showcase the best blogs from different blog spaces which means we get to have everything in one place. I follow a blog called WhoWhatWear, they offer celebrity news and fashion thoughts / ideas / blog posts from other bloggers. So their blog is a range of everything fashionable and I thats why I adore their website - it's versatile & consistently entertaining. 

Fashion and style wouldn't be what it is if we didn't get inspired by others and life; after-all it is an act of creativeness. My outfit today is very much inspired by a recent blog post by WhoWhatWear and you can check that article out right here. They did an article on styling up scarves for this season as seen on the catwalk - it was inspiring and a doable fashion fix. So here is my take on the trend. I used what I have already got which was cool because sometimes I don't have much money to constantly buy new stuff. I must also note that the scarf and belt idea was super comfy and warm. 

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Getting earthy..

What I wore:
New ook Blazer
Topshop Tee
New Look jeans
H&M Bowl hat

I can always rely on my H&M bowl hat to protect my hair in this weather. I suffer from dramatically frizzy hair and I try absolutely everything. My outfit is very layer based today, which I love to show sometimes. It's getting colder and I hate being swamped by big coats so I decided to get a light jumper over a top and then a blazer, three layers that do not need the aid of a big coat! I kept to earthy colours here, it wasn't initially but I liked the outcome. 

Monday, 3 November 2014

Black November

What I wore:
Forever21 Top
New Look ripped jeans
Primark croc boots
River Island cardigan

November has creeped in and Christmas only a sight shot away - news flash is that winter is in full form. From cold frosty mornings to dark scary evenings. Around this time of they year, my style does take a dark turn. I'm not usually one for full time vibrancy anyway, but my deeper colours come out to play around, particularly black. I do love wearing black anyway, but I enjoy it more in the winter. 
Today I am wearing a Forever 21 top, its a strange design but I like the print and the colours.  I like the hint of colour that the top brings into my outfit, very casual cool x 

Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween

What I wore:

Happy Halloween!! I don't actually dress up for things like Halloween, Christmas or any type of fancy dress. So I add little touches to my outfits when these occasions commence. Today, I am wearing a cobweb mesh top that I got from eBay last year, I've put a link up of an alternative dress / top that is super cool, so check it our. This outfit allowed me to wear my beauties from Public Desire; any chance I get I'm taking it.. 

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Public Desire

What I wore:

If you're like me, then Instagram is literally your wish list of life. If it's not dreaming of an amazing adventure to New Zealand or uplifting your mood with cute Cats Of Instagram then it's the other deadly sin. Instagram shopping...

A couple of months ago I stumbled on a brand called Public Desire, their edgy pictures had me straight away if I'm honest. They're like the Missguided of Shoes. If you don't believe me, check out their Instagram right here.
Today, I am wearing a boot that was really well advertised to me, as soon as I saw it I fell in love. Sadly, I think they might have sold out now though! 
I teamed up my chunky platform boots with my New Look blue jeans and my girly candy floss knit from Nasty Gal. I think the two shades of pink are quite a cute combination - it isn't too much pink; I will admit, sometimes I like to play around with girly colours :)

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Bohemian Print

What I wore:
H&M Denim Shorts
Primark Boots

As we are all layering up and putting together our autumn loving outfits, here I am trying to bring back summer. I don't dress well for Autumn, however this year I am trying my hardest. 

Forever 21 are my go-to store. They scream everything I want, beach vibes, fun-times and effortless style. I could not resist this detailed cardigan, it's very bohemian and I love it. The colours are awesome for autumn and it's an every day wearable staple. Thank you Forever21, you've done it again with your collection.

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